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Preferred Plunder:


Here is the list of people who want to whoop Gabb's ass so far:

  1. Steve Ross from the Twin Cities,MN would use a baseball bat
  2. J Gabsy from Greenfield,WI would like to whoop Collin's ass
  3. Katy from Milwaukee would use an M-60
  4. Dan from Nicollet, MN would use his bare fists
  5. Cornbreach from New Ulm would use Spam, powdered donuts, Cheetos
  6. Matt from Milwaukee,WI would use a folding chair
  7. Joshua from Westland, MI would use a spoon to carve out his heart (A bit extreme!)
  8. Andy from the Hoods of West Allis would use a barbed wire CPA test manual
  9. "Harry" from the South Side would use a Spatula
  10. "Stone Cold" Steve from "My ghetto sled parked on the streets of West Allis" would use a roll of fiberglass
    He says: "I'm using fiberglass just so he gets a rash as I'm putting the beat down on his scrawny ass..."
  11. Katie "kickboxer" from St Louis (formerly Brookfield) would use a prosthetic leg wrapped in styrofoam
    Reason: "Well. . .I don't want to hurt him . . ."
  12. E Harstad chose the card table
  13. booby from the finnahaus would use a folding chair and said:
    "Gabb must die. The sack of many a wontor should be inflicted upon his weary soul."
  14. Richard from Baumholder, Germany would use a hockey stick
  15. Nygaardian from Germany would use a Mine Clearing Line Charge
  16. Nygaardian likes Gabb so much he had to sign up twice, this time he would use a sock for the obvious reason: it's comfortable and modest
  17. Tony from New Ulm,MN would use a folding chair
  18. Ted from the FinnaHaus chose Meatloaf, Cornbreach's Stinky Feet and Shirley the Cat. "Let him have it with the wrath of the Great Cornbreach!"
  19. Joel of Fond du Lac, WI prefers a jagged sharp, snapped in half Spice Girls CD.
  20. Karl from Fond du LAc, WI freaks out with bat in hand. "Take that you retched thing!!!"
  21. Joshua from Westland, MI thinks Duct tape will do the job because "It's the solution to anything, right?"
  22. Mike from Fond du Lac, WI would use A Sack full of JNJ COMICS!!!
  23. Julie from Milwaukee, WI would use the ever vicious mannequin head "HEAD! HEAD! HEAD! HEAD!"
  24. Lester would use the leg of a skinned laama and says "That reminds me a story i heard once: 'A moose once bit my sister. No realli, she was carving her initials...'"
  25. James from TC, MN would use a six foot cattle prod soaked in brine and cured under a full moon
  26. Lisa from Alverno would use a sledgehammer for a reason we all sympathize with "Just becuase I can....."
  27. Leila of North Lake, Wi decided on tar and feathers "I picked tar and feathers cause no one else did and the reason why I am doing this is cause Matt told me to!"
  28. Leila enjoying herself perhaps a bit too much came back with a bat "I chose a baseball bat cause this time I am not so gentle!"
  29. Becky from Oconomowoc would use ak57doublescoped, triple laser, uzi barrel heat seeking shot gun -- "I'll whoop your ass!"
  30. Becky claimed she was "a little harsh last time" and decided to use day old crullers from the bakery instead -- "The crullers will work similar to a stoning."

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